• Dr. Anna

2020 and Beyond (Not AI)

Internet World Stats reports that the highest rate of growth in internet usage is on the continent of Africa, the second-highest growth rate can be found in the Middle East and the third highest growth rate is in Asia. The lowest rate of growth appears in North America.

Given this profile of growth in internet usage, an evaluation of the needs and configuration of the internet and its commercial applications is warranted. Up to the present, application growth was driven by the needs of residents of developing nations. How might the need of emerging users change the structure and success of future commercial models within the web?

Almost half of internet users reside in Asia, and of those users in Asia, over one-third of them reside in China, and almost one fourth of the users reside in India. Given these indicators of current usage and projected growth, planning an internet presence in 2020 and beyond must include considerations of the language, culture and needs of the diverse nations in Asia, as well as the commercial needs of the residents of these areas. Although, business models structured on traditional approaches in developed nations dominate the western internet, adapting open thinking would be wise.