• Dr. Anna

A New World

Technological innovation for the consumer appears to be centered on discussions of new social media platforms, gaming, marketing and applications in general that intend to engage increasing numbers of people in glaring at laptop or mobile screens. On the other hand, commercialized innovation in the realms of transportation, medicine and lifestyle march along simultaneously and underreported. External to the worldwide web, alternate means of generating income accompany these inventions and advances.

Developing inventions hold the potential to radically alter the lifestyles of huge sections of the world’s population in a manner similar to the effects of the lightbulb, discovery of electricity, or construction of the interstate highway system in the United States. Monumental modern-day inventions or developments might go unnoticed as some participants in the commercial world focus on online marketing trends, trading and investments, and “clicks”. How might the provision of humanity’s housing, food and transportation change in the next five years due to the tireless work of scientists and inventors operating in the background?