• Dr. Anna

Alternate Access to the World Wide Web

An intriguing topic addresses any trend toward movement away from existing technologies to newer applications and the swiftness with which innovation can shift the structure of any competitive landscape. Searching for an alternative to a cable TV subscription, an introduction to what appears to be an entertainment portal emerged unexpectedly with the purchase of a “smart” television pre-loaded internally with the Roku streaming device. Within the “smart” TV revolution, the internal Roku device represents a Roku TV and provides easy access to multiple entertainment-based applications. This app/device, either built-in or in a separate stick, eliminates the need for a clumsy interface between a TV and the internet.

This interface’s efficiency is better experienced than explained, as the app and its remote-control device easily take over the entire effort of accessing web-based entertainment. A bonus and additional surprise proved to be access to the vast, diverse array of previously unknown entertainment apps. Some apps were free, while other apps require a subscription.