• Dr. Anna

Are MOOCs For You?

Knowledge is power and we might add, in 2019, knowledge is evolving and changing. Truth does not evolve but the components of knowledge change constantly as features of the web-based world of information, coupled with IOT, crypto-currencies, AI, AR, VR, cloud computing and multiple variations on these themes change instantaneously on a global basis. Workers engaged in physical pursuits such as healthcare, repairs and maintenance, building and moving, and helping others are not immune from the impact of change in the technological arena. Most people with more life to live in the 21st century can benefit from an updated knowledge base.

One site performs the very helpful task of sorting out how the avid learner’s level of expertise can continually grow in a world of evolving knowledge. Class Central, founded by Dhawal Shah, assumes task of sorting and providing links to massive open online courses (MOOCs) and allowing registrants to access the database after registering. Pat Bowden of Class Central wrote a comprehensive Q&A on MOOCs that parents, students, teachers, workers, teens adults, senior citizens or anyone can access to begin a journey of knowledge enhancement or exploration of new fields of study. Linked courses are free or might involve a fee depending on the objective of the learner. Class offerings originate from major global universities as well as online resources. While Dhawal Shah provided an index of over 650 Free Online Programming and Computer Science Courses in his article in freeCodeCamp, the Class Central site provides links to courses in a wide range of disciplines.