• Dr. Anna

Are Your Customers Happy?

Running a successful business enterprise of any type demands that the owner works hard and works smart as time equals money. The business could provide a service or provide a product that benefits the customer by saving time, saving money, or increasing enjoyment. Congratulations on identifying a need and fulfilling that need while building a livelihood and sound financial future. Nevertheless, threats exist in the form of new, replacement products or competitors who deliver the same service or product more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Maintaining and growing the customer base both contribute to the stability and growth of a business in the long run. All other factors such as financial management, stable supplies, and other business components being equal, maintaining contented customers forces the owner to be aware of and act upon the following activities:

  • Continually communicate and understand the customers’ evolving wants and needs.

  • Maintain consistent quality and delivery of work or product sold. Uneven quality, spotty delivery, and a lack of consistency in either area can turn off loyal customers.

  • Monitor product pricing in alignment with the value delivered. Price givebacks by business customers might be requested and considered when reasonable.

  • Constantly improve the product and process.

  • Examine and evaluate competing products to avoid being blindsided by abrupt changes and emerging competitive developments.

Businesses of any size can implement these simple concepts, on scales that make sense and keep customers happy.