• Dr. Anna

Give and Take in Corporate America – How Can I Help?

Publicly-traded corporations are in business to generate wealth for their owners, or shareholders. Likewise, private owners are in business and take risks to generate a return on their investment in the company. Continuous demand for the company’s product guarantees the survival of the company while sales exceed costs. Employees can be classified as either staff or line. A line employee contributes directly to selling or forming the product while staff employees support the sale of the product, often without having direct contact with the product. For instance, an accountant would be considered “staff” while the programmer or developer of an application would be considered “line”. If you sell or develop/make the product, you are considered a line employee. Someone who supports line activities would be a staff member.

Releasing employees to save costs, while maintaining sales levels, should also entail re-evaluating the workloads of the remaining employees and the time required to complete essential tasks. Within any company, whether privately-owned or publicly traded, adapting innovation and a full installation of leading-edge business tools lead to productivity gains that ultimately appear as higher profits.