• Dr. Anna

Internet Stalkers

So, given the modern habit of judging everyone by their outward appearance rather than the content of their character, the major internet advertising gatekeepers decide which demographic group gets to see what type of advertisement. This truth dominates anyone’s surfing experience after logging onto the popular browsers. Even if you minimize the private data associated with your user id, you will be stalked with ads addressing your supposed “interests” as determined by a disconnected machine learning algorithm developed by an isolated programmer in Silicon Valley of some other location.

The results can be interesting. If you live in a rural area, you will be shown pickup trucks and not high-performance luxury vehicles, even if you own an estate in that rural area. After researching a topic as one-time event, you will be followed with ads, suggested videos and products matching a topic in which you have no interest at all as an individual. Maybe the use of Artificial Intelligence is not altogether a game winner for everyone.