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Investigating Cryptocurrency – What I Learned

During the cryptocurrency frenzy where reportedly, ordinary people were becoming “wealthy” overnight, or at least in a matter of days, I explored the operating environment and overall framework of this investment frenzy by merely clicking through a series of links as they appeared on a search engine. While reading summarizations from numerous sources, such as major global news outlets, I clicked through links to additional credible sources. What I learned is as follows:

  • There are many types of cryptocurrency and each type serves its own purpose

  • Everyday people can have access to cryptocurrency exchanges by providing basic financial/personal information and establishing an account

  • Some types of cryptocurrency can only be purchased overseas and are not available domestically

  • Any type of cryptocurrency can blow up in value at any time

  • The emergence of Blockchain technology is as important, or more important than cryptocurrency and everyone should be paying attention to this emerging economic framework


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