• Dr. Anna

Is My Mattress That Bad?

Suddenly, advertisements for cars and other large tangible items are being supplemented by ads for mattresses sold by internet companies. Ordinarily, a purchase of this type required a visit to a brick and mortar furniture store, or other physical retail outlet so that the consumer could “see” and “feel” the purchase.

Now, we have the pleasure of listening to testimonials on the quality of new mattresses, shipped to our homes, and returnable too.

The idea that a large commodity can be effectively advertised on mass media is enlightening in many respects. This concept challenges the idea that the internet is effective for smaller items that do not necessarily demand a person-to-person selling experience. Another discovery is that the mattress manufacturer can absorb the cost of a large, returned item and remain profitable, leading the consumer to trust that the quality of the mattress is exceptional. This development signals a change in merchandising and at first glance, would appear to be inefficient. But, the multiplicity of companies following this model leads one to believe it is working.