• Dr. Anna

Is Retro Better?

Some modern brands might monitor recent studies indicating that direct mail, in the form of catalogs or mailers, reaches its target audience and yields a better response than email by generating five times higher purchases by the consumer. Based on a study conducted in the UK, campaign responses to the coordinated email and direct mail campaigns demonstrated optimal responses and subsequent sales. Direct mail does not carry the “junk mail” stigma associated with email campaigns. Coordinated the media in terms of content and timing drives the effectiveness of the campaign.

Based on published guidelines, the lower frequency of direct mail received means that each piece receives the recipient’s attention and can be shared within a household and that the product can be highlighted in the consumer’s mind as special. To begin direct mail campaigns, companies should target existing customers first to lessen the chance that the piece is discarded when received. Linking the company’s online presence to the mailing by adding the company’s website URL to the piece to provide supplemental information. Mailing lists can be purchased or developed inhouse based on data gathered from online campaigns. In all cases, email campaigns supplement direct mail campaigns and should reinforce the direct mail content and appearance so that the company maintains a consistent image across both tracks.