• Dr. Anna

Let Me Help You

In the digital business world as in the Brick and Mortar business world, nothing is free, and every interaction and opportunity should be a consequence of the parties seeking to improve their respective opportunities to create wealth. Enticements to provide help usually have an underlying motive of self-enrichment by gaining knowledge, customers, or saving money. In a crowded field of e-business opportunities, the mutual benefit gained is clear as mass adoption increases the chances of sustained growth, or at least increases the opportunity that the business will be attractive to acquirers.

Therefore, massive signups in segments of internet space benefit the small business owner while the platform owner gains from free advertising. Often the “free” version of a specific platform requires that the banner for the platform appear on the business owner’s page (store, blog, etc.). The use is not free because the platform saved advertising costs by having its banner appear on hundreds of thousands, or millions of pages, storefronts, schools, or other types of individual accounts. An indicator of success is if the free advertisement has no effect on sales generated for the internet entrepreneur and profits equal or exceed the benefit to the platform owner.