• Dr. Anna

More of the Same

The ADP/MoodyAnalytics employment statistics report for January 2019 confirmed the good news reported for December 2018. Employment in the United States rose by 213,000 across all sizes of businesses ranging from 1-19 employees to 1000+ employees in January. Even better news came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States on Friday, February 1. During January, non-farm employment in the United States rose by 304,000 based on the February 1, 2019, report. These statistics would indicate a healthy economy in the U.S. as the private sector continues to add jobs.

Forbes reported that manufacturing jobs added during the period 2017-2018 were six times number added during 2015-2016. The importance of this observation cannot be stressed enough as a comparison of overall average annual pay for manufacturing employees, to certain other industries, demonstrates the fact that average wages in the manufacturing sector provide a decent living. As an example, average annual wages reported by the BLS for retail trade amounted to $32,930 and $38,930 for administrative support, lower than average annual wages in the manufacturing arena of $51,740. While welcoming the news of continuing job growth, especially in the manufacturing sector, added insight into identifying the new employees would be informative.