• Dr. Anna

Planned Obsolescence

Investopedia defines Planned Obsolescence as a deliberate strategy to ensure that a current version becomes obsolete within a given period. This strategy applies to consumer products such as electronics and fashion as replacement is assured due to worn components or a change in style. Conceptually, this strategy could apply to the demise of some of the earlier commercial giants in the internet space that fell from grace as newer, faster, better means of finding and manipulating information arose.

Internet entrepreneurs who rely upon an infrastructure or system managed and owned by the internet giants to provide product, vehicles for promotion and advertising, or the very platform on which the business exists would benefit from understanding planned obsolescence. Signing on with any of the many platforms offered to individuals for business startups requires wading through multiple page agreements where rights are specifically stated. The owner of the platform generally has the right to make changes as determined to be necessary. A protective strategy is diversification or using multiple platforms to generate business.