• Dr. Anna

Some Newsletters are Good!

So you encounter pop-up invitations to receive newsletters from interesting sites which seem to have access to information that will be valuable in the future. After entering an email address, and validating the address, the onslaught begins and notifications flow in, sometimes daily, and sometimes 2 to 3 times per day. At this point, an evaluation of the reason for signing up in the first place comes to mind and the unsubscribe button grows more and more attractive.

On the one hand, the original thought at the time of subscribing was that the information would be beneficial to an ongoing business, or life itself. For the most part, the messages deteriorate into an endless stream of ads and upsell opportunities. The original list generator also sells the list so that suddenly previously unheard-of companies, people, and brands appear in the mailbox. My easy fix for this cycle is to not subscribe to any newsletter unless it is sponsored by a reputable publication or company. Vetting the “newsletters” for relevancy also can lead to easy decisions to unsubscribe. Happily, I receive daily news from credible, national organizations and look forward to receiving these notifications on a daily or weekly basis.