• Dr. Anna

The Highest Paychecks

Based on the latest release of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, selling to high income individuals using geolocation tools in the United States requires a mere concentration of one’s efforts on New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington State, California, Virginia and Maryland. Average weekly wages of information-based, financial activities, and Federal Government employees top those of other industries, by far and the employees live in the above-mentioned states. The magnitude of the disproportionately higher wage employment in these geographic areas compared to the remainder of the United States is striking.

A premium marketing strategy could encompass visiting one of these high-income saturated locations and initiating geolocational marketing of luxury items or services. Targeting these individuals online is, of course possible, but the lack of geographic transparency in some platforms could be problematic. Interestingly, the mainstream media narrative is driven and dominated by organizations located in these areas, so a question can also be posed as to whether the content that we continually see and hear fully exposes the wants and desires of the full spectrum of people in this country.